(Co-owner,  Automotive Accessories Company)

"English Language courses are a must for me. If you cooperate with many international clients in order not to be outpaced by competition I have to improve my communication skills and broaden my specialist vocabulary.

 Lessons with the Prolang teacher give me exactly what I need and require, i.e. conversations, interesting classes and many new words that I find useful in my daily get-togethers with business partners from outside Poland."




(Head of the Call Center Department and Remote Channels, )

" I started learning English as a grownup – it became necessary due to the nature of my profession and frequent liaising with foreign businesses. I learned with many teachers from various language schools, but learning had never been a pleasure – instead, it was a necessary duty.

 I have been working with Prolang for four years, taking two lessons per week, 1 hour each. I can fully confirm that over that time I have made a tremendous language progress, which is partly due to the undoubtedly positive vibe of Prolang. They value the quality of teaching and professional approach to the student. It makes learning a foreign language something more than just investing in yourself. It is a form of relaxation, a pleasent moment helping to fight daily stress, something precious indeed.”

Dear Eva,

Just to let you know (please, forward it to whom you consider) that I have been so pleased with this training. The teacher (like you told me at the beginning) is excellent and friendly and your company has managed everything perfectly. I will recommend you in case I know more Spanish people in Wroclaw interested in learning Polish. And of course I will come back in the future.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Roberto, Santander Bank

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