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The benefits of cooperating with our language school: Classes are dynamic and effective 

It is guaranteed by the fact that we introduce plenty new words on each lesson and we focus on practical skills and language competencies, and not on reading texts or solving grammatical exercises.

  • We use modern teaching methods: 
    Direct Method (sentence, negation and questions repetition) conversational, vocabulary lists. We choose the best textbooks on the market and our methodology consultants provide feedback.
  • Carefully selected teachers who react on-the-fly as far as group’s needs and requests are concerned
    We have always counted on experience when selecting our teachers since 2002. They comply with high working standards.
  • Classes tailored to your requirements 
    In the beginning we diagnose expectations, then we run surveys during the course or we ask groups at any time.
  • Interesting and diversified language classes 
    Teachers receive from our School a set of two CDs with interesting materials; they also use many language games shared by our School.
  • Constant rise in classes quality 
    Our teachers can use our unique system of experience sharing – they share their knowledge and visit other colleagues’ classes.
  • Accelerated teaching process 
    Achieved by 4 verified methods, and also through the use of modern ICT techniques and e-learning software online.
  • Curriculum cohesion
    We follow a methodical program on all levels.
  • Motivating students to learn
    We believe there are people who cannot be motivated to learn on their own. They need discipline and frequent tests. Others are motivated by computer software.
  • Clear and reliable system of participants evaluation
    As one of few schools we have created clear methodical reports based on “hard” data.
  • Quick reaction time to the needs of a group or problems
    If, by any chance, the cooperation between the teacher and the group is not positive, we suggest a quick change of the trainer.
  • Incredible flexibility of work time
    We offer courses from 7:00 to 18 including Saturdays.
  • Internet access to participants’ progress 
    You have access to topics, attendance, and the number of classes 24/7 thanks to our Internet website.
  • Textbooks at a huge discount 
    We deliver textbooks directly to students.
  • Satisfaction guarantee 
    We took over groups after other schools and now they are satisfied with us.