ET_What do we provide? - Szkoła Językowa PROLANGkursy językowe dla firm; szkoły językowe; angielski dla firm

PROLANG Language School was established in 2002 in Wroclaw and since then it has been organizing professional language courses for corporate clients and institutions.

Ewa Tryhubczak

Director of Studies 



 Which languages do we teach?

  • We offer professional language courses of English, German, Spanish, Russian and Polish for foreigners. 

When can you attend?

  • You can study during or after your working hours. Classes are run by Polish teachers and/or native speakers.


  • Classes take place in your offices or in a place convenient for the student - our teachers are fully mobile and flexible. In case it is impossible to find the right place, we have a classroom available for teaching. 

How do we begin?

  • We first run placement tests online together with oral evaluation, which ensures the best level that fits a given group. 
  • We analyze the needs to shape the program profile for a given course.
  • We select the programs that are tailored in terms of the level of advancement and student expectations in accordance with the needs analysis. 

What sorts of language courses?

  • Classes for individuals or in small groups (1-6)
  • Language courses covering a selected branch range
  • General, technical or business language training created for your company workers at any level.

How often?

  • Classes are organized once or more per week and last 60 minutes and more. 

How do we supervise?

  • Regular access to your workers' attendance lists, tests and progress via the Internet Training Management System or through the School directly.

Who pays?

  • It is possible to split cost of learning between you and your employee in the case they are not 100% subsidized.

What else?

  • Translation services, presentation and correspondence development in a foreign language.