Language training conducted by Prolang Language School is primarily dynamic and efficient.

Students are often surprised to find that the class time is already over. Classes focus on learning a useful language, so that students in the class get the tools that will prove helpful to them at work or in everyday communication.

We place special emphasis on consolidating the material already during the language classes for students to practice the learned material a few times and memorize it longer. Challenges and requirements for students and the Prolang School's individual approach are what determines its success.

Conversational Method

Recommended for students with firm basic grammatical background.

It is about triggering a conversation and then keeping it flow in such a way that the learner, by employing longer expressions, becomes confident in using the language and reaches a stage when he or she "thinks in a given language", and not just translates directly from his native to the target language. In this method, the teacher works based on diverse materials (e.g. pictures, anecdotes, teasers, recordings and films) in order to keep the conversation going. 

Q&A Method (questions and answers

It is recommended for students at any level, but in practice it is best for beginners.

It is about asking questions and arriving at full answers in order to master forms and automatize language structures. The method of questions and answers allows us to intensely learn grammar in a fast and trouble-free way. This method means the teacher uses the materials specially crafted by our school. 

Dialogue method

Recommended for any level of advancement.

It is about regular dialogue repetition in pairs or with a teacher. The student fills the gaps in a specially designed text. The last stage involves recalling the dialogues from memory. In this method, the teacher uses the materials specially crafted by our school.

Flashcards and lexical lists

Recommended for any level of advancement.

Our school has an extensive vocabulary database in the form of flashcards. The flashcards and vocabulary lists at all levels of advancement (including Business English) are grouped thematically.

  • Thanks to those materials it is possible to boost the development of vocabulary at any level. Besides, this mode of working plays an important role in testing students’ progress.

  • The teacher uses our materials or his/her own lexical sets. These are only major methods and techniques we use to teach.

  • On top of that, we supplement our methods with homework, which we systematically require, and exercises that facilitate expressing oneself (written expression on a given subject).

Blended learning

For a school that aspires to be an implementer of novelties in terms of teaching methods using new technologies, our teaching methods also include blended learning.

The blended learning method involves merging several methods of training, which speeds up the learning process significantly. Such approach guarantees using the full potential of a student, as well as adjusting the way of teaching to his or her individual needs.

Using the Internet platform to learn helps intensify the regular course for a student. Our teachers are trained to effectively and efficiently use this tool in working with the student.