szkolenia-jezykowe_BIG_Language training - Szkoła Językowa PROLANG - Language training; kursy dla firm; kursy językowe dla firm

Language skills assessment

In order to assess the language skills of our students, we ask them to write the so-called “placement test”.

It’s an online test to diagnose the language level of a given person. Once the test is completed, in addition to it we hold a conversation with every students to make an ultimate analysis of the language level, as well as to select the best group for that person. Next, in order to profile the training’s program we analyze participants’ needs.

Qualifying for the right group

Before we offer your workers a particular group, we evaluate the level of language advancement based on:

  1. Diagnostic test - placement test online – consisting of 40 lexical and grammatical questions, which is more precise than the typical multiple choice test (ABCD)
  2. Evaluation conversation, which is based on premade list of questions in order to evaluate fluency of communication and the range of hearing understanding.
  3. Interests and needs analysis, or the group’s inclination. We check whether participants need knowledge in the field of:
    • banking, finance or general business vocabulary
    • grammar and correctness of speech
    • every day speech and communication
    • trade correspondence vocabulary
    • legal, technical or medical vocabulary
    • human resources management vocabulary
    • language competences needed for presentations, negotiations, writing a report