audyt_Audit - Szkoła Językowa PROLANGkursy językowe dla firm; szkoły językowe; angielski dla firm

Linguistic audit is an effective tool that makes it possible to make a precise and objective assessment of language skills of your company.

The efficiency of PROLANG’s audit comes from many years’ experience of our methodology consultants and conclusions we have drawn from the cooperation with our business partners. 

The audit is carried out by qualified teachers and methodology consultants. The audit (in accordance with our client’s needs) can consist of several parts (written and oral) thanks to which it is possible to make a precise language assessment of a worker.  

We prepare a 100% tailored for a given company, branch or nature of a particular job position. It is all done in order to make a precise assessment and see what language elements matter and can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of work. 

The audit ends with a language report you receive after the completion and analysis of audit results. 

The Report provides an assessment of every person audited and includes details on the following:

  • need analysis
  • strong language skills,
  • areas requiring more or less intense work,
  • linguistic inclinations and interests.

In the report we also suggest:

  • what direction of teaching should be selected for a worker given his or her professional activity
  • what amount of time should be assigned to trainings,
  • what are the biggest language attributes of a given person and how can we rationally utilize them in the course of professional conduct.


Language audit advantages.

An effective and reliable audit provides tangible benefits relating to time and funds allocated for training. It is also very helpful in assessing language competences of new workers or those you would like to employ.