Our own VOCAbite e-learning platform features:

  • High quality of content (business language),
  • Specially selected words and phrases,
  • Self-explanatory examples,
  • Voice recording by native speakers,
  • Industry-specific lessons,
  • Financial, banking and legal English,
  • Variety of topics: marketing, investments, accountancy, HR, sales and many others...

marketing_Platform and innovation - Szkoła Językowa PROLANGkursy językowe dla firm; szkoły językowe; angielski dla firm

Other innovative methods comprise:


Over the years our Team have developed a number of scenarios which feature fun ways of using vocabulary flashcards. Our students draw the cards
out of a box, revise them in various ways (e.g. by playing Pictionary, translating, asking questions), having fun at the same time. The teacher acts
as a facilitator of the games.

The success of this method lies in the fact that the new knowledge is consolidated automatically, with no effort.

PROLANG Handouts:

  • Practical structures most often used in business.
  • Real-life language situations.
  • Revision and cosolidation already during the lesson.
  • The phrases practised in various tenses and contexts.
  • Mastering specific skills (e.g. expressing opinion, clarification).
  • Extending the range of vocabulary and structures - increasing the level of the structures.